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Is your addict loved one aggressive and non-cooperative towards seeking best alcohol intervention programs in Islamabad Pakistan to put him on Rehab path? Don’t worry because we have a team of professional interventionist who will come to your house along with a doctor to take care of your worries in a professional and safe manner.

An Intervention programs is a resolution oriented group process that is intended on the addict people and is used to find a clarification for his or her difficulties.

The most common type of alcohol intervention programs in Islamabad offered by IRCL are for drug and alcohol abuse. It is nearly impossible for a chemically dependent person to step outside of his or her addiction and begin living a healthy life, without either hitting rock bottom or becoming far-removed from stress factors.

With the help of an intervention specialist and support from loved ones, alcohol and drug interventions can be seen as “a new beginning” and gives the individual the “liberty” from controlling substances.

The success rate of substance abuse interventions is said to be around 90%. The abusers will learn more about the pain they’ve inflicted on their loved ones through family counseling.

Our ambulance is air-conditioned and fully equipped to take care of any medical situation. We can help you across Pakistan apart from our contemporary alcohol intervention programs in Islamabad.