Amenities at IRC - IRC Islamabad Rehab Clinic


Amenities at IRC

At Islamabad ISB Rehab Clinic, we offer the kind of amenities that are part of any luxury rehab facility. Our rehab benefits help increase your likelihood of long-term recovery.

We offer a holistic drug addiction treatment service designed to promote total wellness and comfort. This means our rehabilitation program treats your body, mind, and soul. To aid in this process, we provide you with many upscale amenities to enhance your overall experience at Islamabad ISB Rehab Clinic. This helps make your stay here as comfortable as possible. This is all part of our overall plan to aid you in returning to a life that is positive, successful, and above all, drug-free.

As part of our holistic drug and alcohol treatment, we offer the following luxury rehab benefits:

We provide a serene, calming atmosphere for you to relax during your stay. Our rehab facility offers a panoramic view of the gorgeous sunset along the Margalla Mountain and green hills of Banigala. You can also relax on the green lawns and balcony.

Our clients enjoy a tranquil and peaceful environment at IRC. We offer luxurious rooms with nice views. Other features include large flat-screen TVs in every room, central air conditioning and comfortable linens.

IRC on-site detox is as luxurious, peaceful, and private as you need to focus on healing and rebuilding your life. Our experienced team is with you every step of the way to help guide you through this portion of your treatment. We offer an individually designed detox protocol and around-the-clock monitoring by our licensed staff.

To achieve physical, mental, and spiritual balance, you must maintain a healthy, nutritional diet. We provide a gourmet-style menu prepared by our classically trained culinary team .

The menu is designed to nurture your body and aid your healing process.

We provide this ancient practice as part of our holistic approach to therapy, which treats your mind, body, and spirit. Yoga offers a natural and peaceful way for recovering addicts to reconnect with their bodies. It offers immediate and long-term positive physical, emotional, and mental benefits.

At IRC, we promote health and fitness and believe that they are fundamental to a successful long-term recovery.