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Terrorism in Swat Valley and Psychological Emergency

It was expected that the 21st century would be a century of peace along with technological advancement and globalization. But unfortunately,this century witnessed huge destruction to humanity caused by violence such as warfare, ethnic and racial violence, massacres, prejudice and discrimination. As a result, uncontrolled anger causes the disintegration of intimate relationships and prevalence of sexual, emotional…

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Cross Sectional Study of Subsyndromal Depression and Depression

  Subsyndromal depression includes those patients having more than two symptoms of depression that does not satisfy major depression diagnostic criteria. Hence in Judd, Rapaport, Paulus, et al. (as cited by Kennedy, Abbott, and Paykel, 2004) reported that in subsyndromal symptomatic depression, two or more than two symptoms of depression same as in major depression should be…

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Drug Addiction in Islamic Perspective

Although drug addiction is a complex phenomenon, but still there are many theories concerning biological, psychological and social aspects. There is no single case or explanation to this phenomenon. In terms of drug addiction in Islamic perspective the related explanations can help those professionals who are practicing under the tenets of Islam to understand the religious dynamics…

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