A mental illness rehabilitation center is a place where there is training and supervision for patients suffering from mental health issues is in place. This comprises but is not limited to vocational and social skills training, a healthy environment and diet, exercises, and training for independent living with 24/7 support and care.

How do mental illness rehabilitation center professionals treat?

The treatment revolves around a couple of aspects: the actual treatment itself, and the rehabilitation. The mental health professionals in the rehab center focus on reducing the symptoms. Contrary to physical illnesses, mental health issues require medication along with other forms of treatment. This is subject to the patient’s diagnosis, the severity of the mental illness, as well as the physical and emotional state. A patient may require a hybrid sort of treatment e.g. medication, therapy, counseling, psychiatric rehabilitation, etc. Often, the lines are blurred between treatment and rehabilitation.

The focus inside a top mental illness rehabilitation center in Islamabad IRC is on facilitating the person’s return to normal routine to accomplish their life goals. These factors that play an important role in this are medical, psychological, and social input. Not every patient with mental illness requires a long rehab. Some medications combined with therapy are sufficient to help them get back to routine life. For some others, long-term rehabilitation may be mandatory but a final part of the treatment cycle.

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