Let’s talk about rehab vs skilled nursing. Considering the advantages of a retirement community with continuous care for yourself or a loved one? There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to caring. Many kinds of assistance are required to address the vast array of age-related physical and mental health issues. This includes professional nursing and short-term rehabilitation. But what are the primary distinctions between these two services? Let’s talk about rehab vs skilled nursing.

Rehab vs Skilled Nursing for Healthcare Concerns

As its name implies, short-term rehabilitation addresses a transitory requirement following an illness, accident, or surgery. “Your doctor must certify that you have a medical condition that requires intensive rehabilitation, ongoing medical monitoring, and coordinated treatment provided by your doctors and therapists working together,” Medicare says about inpatient rehabilitation.

During short-term rehabilitation, you or a loved one have access to regular or even 24-hour nursing care as needed during the stay, which can range from a few days to a few weeks. Short-term rehabilitation aims to help you or a loved one return to a more independent lifestyle as quickly as possible. Working with physical, occupational, and/or speech therapists helps improve strength and accelerates rehabilitation. Short-term rehabilitation may also assist in organizing additional homecare services to enable a seamless transition home. Let’s discuss further about rehab vs skilled nursing.

On the other hand, skilled nursing services can involve rehabilitation demands, but they extend far beyond the recovery of mobility following a knee or hip replacement. If you or a loved one require the supervision of a physician, nurses, or therapists for an extended period of time, skilled nursing may be the best option. Medicare coverage for a skilled nursing facility includes short-term coverage for a medical condition related to the hospital after a 3-day stay or for an illness that started in the skilled nursing facility while the person was getting care after being in the hospital.

Stricly speaking about rehab vs skilled nursing, if you or a loved one has a chronic ailment that requires long-term care, skilled nursing facilities can also address more complex medical issues. A team of physicians, nurses, therapists, dietitians, and social workers will establish a care plan to treat or manage health problems and continue to change the plan to meet the patient’s evolving requirements. Skilled nursing care includes treating wounds, giving injections, and keeping an eye on vital signs or medical equipment.

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