Rehabilitation Meaning in Urdu is Sarfrazi, Behali. Improvement, Restoration, Reclamation, Reconstruction, Recovery, Reestablishment, Reformation, and Repair are all synonyms for Rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation Meaning in Urdu with Key facts

Rehabilitation is a vital component of universal health coverage, along with health promotion, illness prevention, treatment, and palliative care.
Rehabilitation enables a child, adult, or senior to be as independent as possible in daily activities and to participate in school, employment, recreation, and meaningful life tasks such as caring for family. Approximately 2,4 billion people worldwide are currently afflicted with a health condition that would benefit from rehabilitation.
Changes in the health and characteristics of the global population are expected to increase the demand for rehabilitation services. For instance, although individuals are living longer, chronic sickness and disability are increasing. Currently, rehabilitative needs are largely unmet. In several low- and middle-income countries, almost fifty percent of the population does not obtain the necessary rehabilitative services. Among the health services most severely interrupted by the COVID-19 outbreak are rehabilitation services.

What is Rehab in English?

Rehabilitation meaning in Urdu is “Bahali” but in English it is defined as “a series of actions meant to enhance functioning and reduce disability in people with health issues interacting with their environment.”

Rehabilitation enables a child, adult, or senior to be as independent as possible in daily activities and to participate in school, job, recreation, and meaningful life tasks such as caring for family members. It accomplishes this by addressing underlying disorders (such as pain) and enhancing a person’s ability to function in daily life, helping them overcome issues with thinking, seeing, hearing, communicating, eating, or moving.

At some point in their lives, everyone may require rehabilitation due to an injury, surgery, disease, or illness, or because their functioning has diminished with age.

The following are examples of rehabilitation:

  • Speech, language, and communication-improving exercises after a brain damage.
  • Changing a senior’s home environment to increase his or her safety, independence, and fall risk.
  • A person with heart disease should receive exercise training and health education.
  • Creating, fitting, and instructing a person to utilize a prosthesis following amputation of the leg.
  • After burn surgery, positioning and splinting procedures help promote skin healing, decrease edema, and restore mobility.
  • A youngster with cerebral palsy is prescribed a medication to alleviate muscle stiffness.
  • Depression help from a psychological perspective.
  • Training in the use of a white cane for the visually impaired.

Rehabilitation meaning in Urdu is “bahali” which is extremely person-centered, which means that the interventions and method chosen for each individual are determined by their goals and preferences. Rehabilitation can be administered in a variety of venues, including inpatient or outpatient hospital settings, private clinics, and community settings such as the patient’s home.

Rehabilitation professionals include physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and audiologists, orthotists and prosthetists, clinical psychologists, physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, and rehabilitation nurses, among others.

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