Let’s talk about what is Subacute rehab? A short-term rehabilitation is synonymous with subacute rehabilitation. This type of treatment is provided in hospitals, physical therapy institutes, and even senior communities. Complete inpatient care for someone with a transitory medical condition is a subacute rehab.

If you or a family member require additional time to recover following a serious mental health condition, a short-term rehabilitation is the best course of action. However, hospitalization may not be the best option, as numerous overnight hospital visits can be rather costly. Where should you go then?

Residents of Rawalpindi, Islamabad and even Lahore and Peshawar have access to a full-time IRCL rehabilitation staff and nursing team that specialize in physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory therapy. Before returning home, this is a wonderful opportunity for you or a loved one to get rehabilitation treatment in a safe, well-equipped, comfortable, and inviting environment.

What is Subacute Rehab Cost?

Fortunately, IRCL often covers this type of care at fair rates. Contact our community today to gain a better grasp of your coverage for sub-acute rehabilitation. We will be delighted to discuss the matter with you or your senior family member.

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What is Subacute Rehab?

How long is the average subacute rehabilitation stay?

The answer is that it varies. Some will stay for months, while others will just stay for a few weeks. It depends on how bad the condition is. You may initially be able to only tolerate 30 minutes of exercise every day. As you adjust, the average duration of daily therapy is approximately three hours. If you ever feel as though you need additional therapy per day, contact IRCL rehabilitation specialist to discuss if the therapy minutes can be increased.

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