Psychiatric Clinics in Islamabad

Psychiatric Clinics in Islamabad


We’ll provide your family members with valuable knowledge about the disease of addiction.



Welcome to the IRC Psychiatric Clinics in Islamabad provides psychological assessment, therapy, and continuing care for adults and adolescents. Our services include assessment and treatment of mood and anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), life-related emotional distress, sleep disorders, chronic pain, marital problems, and sexual dysfunction.

Basically, what’s a mental illness? Mental illness is a clinically serious or psychological (mental) condition associated with depression or impairment. It’s not just the way someone reacts to a single incident, nor is it confined to how an individual communicates with society.

At the IRC Psychiatric clinics in Islamabad, we have a team of highly trained psychiatrists who are medical doctors with advanced training in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illnesses. They are certified to prescribe medications based on the individual’s mental health needs.

Who Wants Psychiatric Treatment?

People come to see a rehab therapist for a variety of reasons, from difficulty dealing with daily stress to serious psychiatric disorders such as bipolar disorder. Your doctor may refer you to a therapist –or you may seek treatment on your own–for problems, including Addictions, Offensive and aggressive behavior, bipolar disorders, hallucinations & disorders of the mood.

Why Choose IRC Psychiatric Clinics In Islamabad?

Here, Islamabad ISB Rehab Clinic understands that the path to recovery, when it comes to mental health, is a daunting process and involves a team effort. Build an international quality mental health facility assisted by a multidisciplinary team of trained psychiatrists. We are also committed to a welcoming atmosphere, and our professional team of doctors is carefully chosen to provide our clients with the best mental health services and to guide them on their journey towards a safe, happier life.

The IRC Psychiatric clinics in Islamabad is committed to providing: quality, secure and productive facilities from a highly trained and empowered workforce. The whole individual is being cared for through targeted development. We Respect the beliefs and culture of our clients.

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