On behalf of Islamabad Rehab Clinic, I’d like to encourage you for seeking help, as it is no easy task. We understand the difficulty in asking for help, especially as you walk through the battle of addiction and mental disorders, and have to deal with the wreckage of that battle along the way. Addiction is a powerful disease that does not discriminate based on age, gender, culture, or any other factor. However, with addiction often comes the experience of isolation and disconnection, which can lead to feelings of hopelessness, fear, and despair for all parties involved in the battle.
Similarly, the mental disorders also caused dysfunctionality among the sufferers and researches claim that 50% of the drug addicts are suffering from comorbidity which means drug addiction and psychological conditions run side by side. We understand the disability and the burden of families of sufferers. We offer our professional support unconditionally.

At Islamabad Rehab Clinic we see this, we understand this, and we want to help you walk through this in order to bring healing and strength.
In my years of experience working in the treatment field, I have had the opportunity to work with a wide array of clients struggling with both addiction and mental health issues. Along this journey I have come to understand, witness, and value the impact that a strong and supportive community can have on healing. As a result, I have brought a community-based focus to our clinical programming and guide my clinicians to strengthen this area in their work with our clients. In doing so, we have seen individuals thrive as they involve peers, family members, and loved ones in their recovery process with guidance from our dedicated clinical team.

The beauty of asking for help is that it brings the opportunity and hope for change, which has become a foundational aspect of our program at Islamabad Rehab Clinic. Upon arrival, each client is met where they are at in the current moment rather than where we as a staff think they should be. This allows for individual needs to be met and focused on, as well as support from our clinical team in navigating the current presenting issues and finding solutions to walk through them with as little pain, damage, and frustration as possible. With the collaboration of each individual’s clinical team and support system, they are able to relearn how to live life with joy and create long-term change in sobriety.

Thank you for your interest in Islamabad Rehab Clinic. We hope that you get to share the experience that many of our clients and families have had in their journeys here so that you too can live a fulfilling life and find peace.


Muhammad Jamil

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