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We’ll provide your family members with valuable knowledge about the disease of addiction.



At Islamabad ISB Rehab Clinic IRCL.PK, we felt the need for separate women rehab Pakistan as women have different perspectives than men when it comes to drug use. Rehabilitation gives women the chance for a fresh start and a new start. It provides them the chance to reconstruct their lives and eventually step in the direction of fulfilling their aspirations and ambitions. Traditional co-hosting centers, however, do not always have the specific care and help that women need. Women rehab Islamabad adapt drug care to their needs in order to increase the chances of long-term recovery. Women’s biological needs are one question that female-only treatment tackles. Drugs affect them differently than men do. The explanation for this is that their body chemistry and hormones are different. We at women rehab Pakistan take these considerations into consideration.


IRC Is There To Direct And Help You And Your Loved One

Overcoming addiction goes far deeper than kicking a habit; beliefs and habits need to be challenged in order to facilitate a full and permanent recovery. Our therapy will benefit you and any other addiction you might have. Our vision is for a world in which all women in recovery will have access to high-quality, psychologically educated, gender-based interventions without apology. We’ve helped transform the lives of thousands of women and their children.

Islamabad Rehab Clinic IRC firmly believes that everyone has the right to be given the opportunity to free themselves from the grip of addiction and to be encouraged to take control of their lives through adequate help.

IRC Women Rehab Pakistan Has A Mission To Deal With A Woman’s Particular Addiction-Related Needs, Making Them Feel Comfortable As They Work Through Addiction Pain.

The main aim of women’s addiction care is to provide a healthy and supportive environment for women to concentrate on the healing and rehabilitation process.

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