Treatment Pricing

Treatment Pricing

Dear Customers,

Your treatment should not break your bank. We believe in fair pricing for our clients from varying backgrounds. We believe that every client is unique with their sets of peculiar requirements. Therefore, we offer different packages to satisfy each one’s different needs.

Simply Walk in

Psychiatric Clinic

We strongly recommend you to visit our psychiatric clinic and see for yourself what is on offer. Talk to our staff, who will give you a tour of the place and will advise you best on the option you should take.

Call Islamabad Rehab Clinic today and start a conversation about treating addiction and starting your next chapter of life.

Addiction Treatment

In 2013, according to UNODC 6.7 million people in Pakistan were drug users and 4.25 millions of them were dependent or addicted to substances. Only few of them get treatment ...

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Fees are an estimate only and may be more depending on your situation

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